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Higher, Faster, Longer is now available for children in elementary and middle school grades!

Janet Ivey-Duensing, Emmy award-winning children's media creator, host of Janet's Planet, Inc., and current President of Explore Mars, Inc., joined with Wally and Loretta to create a version of Wally's inspiring story that is particularly appealing to the younger set. Higher Faster Longer: Aviator Extraordinaire is the second volume in Janet's book series "Unsung Genius," which celebrates scientists (especially women and other minorities) and highlights their accomplishments.

Higher, Faster, Longer is available in paperback or for your Kindle!

Order it from Amazon:
Hardcover, 202 pages

Here's a peek at the Table of Contents:

Before You Read
Letter to Genius You
Chapter 1: A Toddler and Bolts and a Superman Cape
Chapter 2: Taos Mountains
Chapter 3: A Girl and Her Planes
Chapter 4: Records and Recognition
Chapter 5: Mercury 13
Chapter 6: Surpassing Scores
Chapter 7: Throw It a Fish
Chapter 8: Searching for Space
Chapter 9: Taking Charge
Chapter 10: Astronauts
Chapter 11: Always Looking Up
Supersonic Hypersonic Life!
Letter to My Genius Self
The Women of Mercury 13
Other Books about Women Pilots
Aviation Glossary
Female Firsts in Aviation
Pilot Jargon

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